Lower The Water Bill | Benefits
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Maximize your true water consumption without compromising comfort, water pressure, or lifestyle! Lower The Water Bill™ Valves control the consumption of water by:

  • Compressing the air volume at the water meter.
  • Eliminating surge & pressure peaks creating a smooth even flow.
  • Controlling municipality’s high water pressure issues.
  • Creating a minimal flow restriction that saves on water billing
  • Easy Installation
  • 100% made in the U.S
  • 10 year manufacture quality warranty

Reduce your Water Bill by up to 40%

Lower The Water Bill™ is a patented, NSF/ANSI 61 and NSF/ANSI 372 precision engineered Water Utility saving device for your water system. This seemingly simple yet extremely effective variable flow management device solves a number of problems inherent in water delivery.

Our engineers identified many dysfunctions in the current water delivery and usage system. Through their research on water control and backflow principles, Our engineers created a breakthrough patented technology that overcompensates for these wasteful system deficiencies

Current System Deficiencies

You are overcharged for your municipality’s delivery of high water pressure0%
You are overcharged for pressure & flow variations0%
You are charged for water and air0%
You are pushed to use more than you need0%

Deficiencies overview

95% of water meters globally are designed to measure volume (both liquid and air). Since these positive displacement meters do not have a mechanism to distinguish water from air, you are being charged for the air too. Air can enter the water supply system through multiple sources like tiny cracks along several miles of the water lines, supply interruptions and breakages in the lines.


Water flowing through the meter activates an internal paddle that spins to measure the volume of water consumed. The opening & closing of fixtures, fluctuations in water providers pressures or flow variability, causes a drop in your water pressure and creates a surge in the flow. This surge causes over spinning of your meter, inflating your readings, and overcharges you for water.


Due to the growing demand for water, Utilities are increasing their pressures and exceeding the 65 psi standard. This deviation causes water surges through ageing fixtures, causing leaks through gaskets and seals. In addition to water loss, there is increased maintenance costs and risk of equipment failures.


The surges & high pressure pushed by municipalities increase the flow to the fixtures, although the end user does not notice the change, it results in over consumption. This waste is not good for you or the environment.