Lower The Water Bill | How It Works
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Lower The Water Bill™’s hydro technology controls the flow of water at the main water portal, which adjusts pressure flow to provide sufficient comfortable water pressure to satisfy the consumer while providing the consumer with remarkable savings. Lower The Water Bill™’s hydro technology also controls the air that accumulates in the water pipes before it reaches the water meter.

Lower The Water Bill™ Valves compress the accumulated air in the water reducing the volume of air prior to flowing through the water meter. Lower The Water Bill™’s compressed air mechanism results in greater water by volume flow through the meter by compressing the air in the delivery. The result of Lower The Water Bill™’s combined water and air control mechanisms reduces consumer water expenses up to 40%.



The Lower The Water Bill™ valve air compression advantage performs on a wide variety of meters, including single jet, multi-jet, and turbine category positive displacement. This encompasses virtually every water meter available. The Lower The Water Bill™ Valve is installed nearest to the meter as permissible on your property.


The variable spring-loaded plunger that continuously regulates a steady pressure for incoming water achieves total functionality. As a result an elevated pressure on the opposite side marks this pressure. The air will be compressed and lose its volume once it arrives at this point and after it pushes past the meter through the Lower The Water Bill™ Valve it will regain its previous form. The purpose of this process is to compress the air enough so that the water meter does not detect or calculate it. The difference in water pressure will not be noticeable and it will slow down the excess spinning of your water meter.



The accuracy of water meters are influenced by the changes in water pressure and flow, sometimes during higher or lower surges and drops in pressure. These meters are supposed to function correctly only within a limited range of water flow and if this falls outside the range then the meter will over-spin and cause the meter to give a costly, inaccurate measurement. These fluctuations are due to variations within the providers water supply.


This is where the benefit of installing the Lower The Water Bill™ Valve comes in as its exclusive spring loaded mechanism evens out the higher and lower dips in the water flow and maintains a steady flow. This provides additional protection from sudden water flow increases and also saves you money by improving the accuracy of your meter.



The Lower The Water Bill™ Valve functions as a flow restrictor when installed into the water line in which the reduction of flow is nearly imperceptive but is an impressive cost saving strategy.


As mentioned earlier, most water fixtures can only operate reliably with a maximum of 65-PSI water supply, as more than this will cause damages to seals and gaskets. Pressure reducers that are often used to regulate a 60-65 PSI range generally have performance issues over time and necessitate continued maintenance. Installing the Lower The Water Bill™ serves to decrease the pressure, therefore removing the extreme water pressure issues.


The Lower The Water Bill™ Valve also performs the important duty to prevent

back flow and serves to shield the provider’s water supply from becoming polluted.

A Quick Summary of the Benefit of the

Lower The Water Bill™ Valve:

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Pressurizes your water line at the meter to keep your costs down and ensure you are not paying for air volume.

Regulate water flow within the intended range, which enables the water meter to calculate precise measurements.

Decrease water consumption from excessive pressure

Lower high water pressure

Function as a buffer from dramatic increases and decreases in water pressure.

Best of all the Lower The Water Bill™ Valve will reduce your water utility costs and is maintenance free guaranteed.